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15 hours ago, Evan You, the author of Vue has announced “petite-vue” which is a 5kb subset of Vue, specifically optimized for small interactions. “petite-vue” should be seen as a micro-framework meant to serve light javascript needs like drop-downs, modals etc. The micro-framework will also help newcomers to javascript and javascript frameworks to a smooth transition from small interactions to a fully matured and feature-rich framework like Vue because it provides the same template syntax and reactivity mental model as Vue.

Why another micro-framework ?

If you’re watching the Laravel community on Twitter you may be familiar with Alpine.js and Alpine Day that took place on the 10th of June. At this online conference, Matt Stauffer had a talk called “From Vue to Alpine: How and Why ?” where he compared the performance of Vue vs. Alpine. The talk is great and it makes sense to not use a framework like Vue for only “sprinkles” of JavaScript. However, some comparisons like the bundle size for instance were not taken very well by Evan so that’s how everything started and ended up with the build of this new, minimal, micro-framework.

Top 5 reasons why to choose Petite Vue

  • Smaller bundle size: less than half the size of Alpine
  • Less friction moving to standard Vue if needed
  • Vue syntax and reactivity mental model
  • Driven by @vue/reactivity (the reactivity engine that Alpine is also using)
  • The great ecosystem and community around Vue

Github repo:

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