November 8th, 2023

A brand new site for Laravel Nova

A brand new site for Laravel Nova

The Laravel ecosystem is continually evolving, and the recent launch of a fresh Nova landing page by the Laravel team marks another significant step in the framework's journey. Nova, a powerful administration panel for Laravel applications, has been a cornerstone in simplifying and streamlining the backend management of Laravel projects.

The brand-new Nova landing page, unveiled by the Laravel team, represents a reinvigorated approach to presenting the capabilities and features of this administration tool. The updated page is a reflection of Nova's growth and prominence within the Laravel community.

The announcement

Taylor Otwell has announced it on X moments ago. To celebrate they offer a 30% discount to all Laravel Nova licenses. To lock in the discount, you can renew your existing license early.

The man behind the redesign

If you're following what is happening in the Laravel community, you may know Jason Beggs. Well he takes care of the most of the official websites that are part of the "Laravel family".

An introduction to Laravel Nova

If you haven't had time to check Laravel Nova out, or haven't used it in a while, take this brand new video tour to see the highlights.

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