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Marian Pop

Marian V. Pop

PHP / Laravel Developer. Writing and maintaining @LaravelMagazine. Host of "The Laravel Magazine Podcast". Pronouns: vi/vim.

PHP & Laravel Development

I can help you save time, effort, and a good chunk of your budget. By outsourcing your Laravel development needs you can save on the development cost.


The areas where I've developed my skills and attained proficiency, delivering great value to the projects I work on.


Working with medium to high-complexity Laravel applications and APIs is something that I enjoy and proven to be capable of doing. My expertise encompasses leveraging Laravel's features such as Job Queues, Task Scheduling, Events & Websockets, Testing and more.


Vue.js captivates me for its simplicity and flexibility in crafting dynamic user interfaces. Its reactive components and straightforward integration empower me to build sophisticated, interactive web applications.

it('can take freelance work', function () {

    $available = true;



it('is available full-time', function () {

    $interested = false;




Laravel with Inertia.js resonates with me due to its streamlined development process. Inertia.js seamlessly connects the backend logic of Laravel with the frontend power of Vue.js. This approach eliminates the need for manual API integrations, enabling me to focus on crafting dynamic, single-page applications with efficiency and simplicity.


Livewire enables me to build interactive user interfaces without having to write JavaScript. It allows me to create dynamic, reactive components using PHP syntax, enhancing the development experience by reducing the complexities of front-end logic and enabling rapid development of real-time features.

laravelmagazine % php artisan test

FAIL Tests/Feature/Consulting

Failed asserting that false is true.

it can take freelance work

𐄂 it is available full-time

Tests:   1 failed, 1 passed (2 assertions)

Time:    0,41s

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+40 748 806 451

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