October 31st, 2023

A complete list of PHP & Laravel Youtube Channels

A complete list of PHP & Laravel Youtube Channels

Early this week, Nuno Maduro, one of Laravel's core team members, had the great initiative to gather a list with all PHP & Laravel YouTube channels.

The list can be updated by the community by submiting a PR with your suggestion. Another nice thing is that the list is automatically sorted ascending by the numbers of subscribers.

Now the list grew significantly and we found people that we didn't know they produce content around PHP & Laravel said Nuno:

The list is now ordered by the number of subscribers. To be honest, there are people here I had no idea created content around PHP. I'm glad I made this directory. - @enunomaduro

We are on that list and this is a great motivation to start growing the channel.

Statamic Ninja


Marian Pop

PHP / Laravel Developer. Writing and maintaining @LaravelMagazine. Host of "The Laravel Magazine Podcast". Pronouns: vi/vim.

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