May 9th, 2022


Conditional callback execution using the Conditionable trait

Method chaining is a design technique that helps you simplify your code.
Your objects essentially return themselves, allowing you to "chain" successive operations together. On functions/methods that affect their parent object, method chaining works best.
Without returning a result, they normally set a variable or perform an action.

But what if you want to apply a callback if the given "value" is truthy or falsy ? Laravel comes with Illuminate\Support\Traits\Conditionable trait that provides two methods: when() and unless().

1use Conditionable;
5->when($this->fooBar(), function () {
6 //...

The callback above will be executed when $this->fooBar() returns true. If you want to check for falsy values you can use unless() which will execute it's callback if the checked value returns false.

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