November 10th, 2023

Christoph Rumpel joins the Laravel team

Christoph Rumpel joins the Laravel team

We all know and love Christoph. He is a great guy, heavily involved in the Laravel community, content creator and teacher. You may know him from courses like "Laravel Core Adventures", "Mastering PhpStorm", "PEST Driven Laravel" and more.

On his podcast (Call it a day) Christoph mentioned something about working on a secret project that he is very excited about and can't wait to share the "project" with us. Well yesterday he announced his "secret project" by launching his first video on Laravel's youtube channel and later announcing he is joining the laravel team as a content creator.

We want to congratulate Christoph for his new gig and wish him all the best at his dream job. Can't wait to see the content he'll produce for Laravel.

You can say Christoph a warm welcome on:

X: @christophrumpel

You can also watch our podcast together were we are talking about content creation, live streaming, courses and more ways to make money as a Laravel developer.

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Marian Pop

PHP / Laravel Developer. Writing and maintaining @LaravelMagazine. Host of "The Laravel Magazine Podcast". Pronouns: vi/vim.

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