July 13th, 2022

Introducing a fresh new look for Artisan

Introducing a fresh new look for Artisan

There is an open PR on Laravel's repo (laravel/framework) which will include a ground-up redesign of the artisan output. The author of the PR is Nuno Maduro who also updated the design of the route:list already and so this PR is a logical continuation of that. This is how Nuno is describing this PR:

Hi, community. 👋🏻

For the past two weeks, I've been working on this pull request that introduces a fresh new look for Artisan. Before looking at the technical details, let's see some before/after comparisons[...]

So here are few of the images Nuno posted. For a full list please check out his pull request

This PR is also introducing components so $this->info, $this->warn, etc, have been replaced by $this->components->info, etc. This way only framework internal commands were affected by this new output changes.

This is the list of newly added components: Alert, BulletList, Choice, Component, Confirm, Error, Factory, Info, Line, Task, TwoColumnDetail, Warn. Please note that $this->components property is marked as internal meaning that this pull request was not meant to introduce a public API.

As for the affected commands, Nuno continues:

This pull request affects more than 100 commands. Yet, it does not affect the following commands: completion, help, List, serve, tinker, and commands of Laravel packages such as Horizon or Telescope. In addition, it does not affect errors command from Symfony, such as invalid arguments, etc. All of this, can be done later, so we deliver this pull request first.

Your feedback will be appreciate it. To test this pull request locally update your composer.json as follows.

-"laravel/framework": "^9.19.0",
+"laravel/framework": "dev-feat/console-ui-improvements as 9.19.0",
1composer update
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