November 17th, 2023

Laravel Pulse -  Insights into your application's performance and usage

Laravel Pulse - Insights into your application's performance and usage

Laravel Pulse was officially unveiled this week at LaraconAU in Sydney, Australia. The honor of introducing this release was bestowed upon Jess Archer, core team member at Laravel and one of the developers that made Pulse a real thing alongside Tim McDonald.

What is Laravel Pulse

Pulse provides quick insights on the functionality and use of your application. Diagnose slow jobs and endpoints, identify your most active users, and other bottlenecks.


Application Usage

It allows you to identify the users generating the highest number of requests, interacting with the slowest endpoints, and initiating the greatest volume of jobs across your Laravel applications.

Server Stats

Pulse keep's an eye on your server's CPU, memory, and disk utilization. If you're managing multiple servers, Pulse can effortlessly monitor all your servers in a centralized location.

Queue Monitoring

Eliminates the uncertainty in optimizing your queue workers. Access real-time and historical statistics to track the number of pending jobs, failed jobs, and successfully processed jobs.


Gain insights into the performance bottlenecks of your applications through a comprehensive overview. Identify the slowest endpoints, queries, jobs, and outgoing requests that impact user experience at a high level.

Obtain a summary of the exceptions occurring in your application. Aligning your exceptions with the comprehensive health overview of your application facilitates the identification of anomalies across your entire stack.

Customize Pulse with "Custom Cards"

Design personalized cards for your use or generate shareable cards for the Laravel community. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the layout of the Pulse dashboard to suit your preferences.

Release date

As announced in her presentation at LaraconAU, Jess announced the release date to be "next week". In the meantime you can keep an eye on Pulse's official website at

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