January 29th, 2022

Episode 3

Making Money as a Laravel Dev

In this episode, Christoph will share with us some thoughts from his experience as a solopreneur, the challenges he faced as a Laravel freelancer, and the process of creating courses, laravel content creation, live streaming on youtube, side projects and more.

The episode was live streamed on YouTube so if you prefer the watch the live stream. In case you missed it here's the video:

Show notes:

Christoph Rumpel - https://twitter.com/christophrumpel
Marian Pop - https://twitter.com/mvpopuk
Laravel Magazine - https://twitter.com/laravelmagazine

Christoph's Website - https://christoph-rumpel.com/
Call it a Day Podcast - https://callitaday.transistor.fm/
Christoph's Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/christophrumpel
Laravel Magazine Website - https://laravelmagazine.com

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Guest ↓

Christoph Rumpel

Christoph Rumpel

PHP Developer And Teacher

Author of Laravel Core Adventures and Mastering PhpStorm


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