November 20th, 2021

Web3 PHP API for Ethereum RPC

Web3 PHP API for Ethereum RPC

I must admit that I'm more and more attracted by the web3 technologies and mostly by the fact that the technologies that we know and love and use daily, can be used in building decentralised apps (dapps).

One of the most popular blockchains today is Etherium and it comes with a friendly community and great ecosystem around it that makes the development process as enjoyable as possible.

Even if I'm not into speculative markets or bitcoin / crypto trading, I think the web3 tech and decentralised applications will become only more and more popular and if we start developing dapps using PHP, that will be beneficial for the PHP community and in the and for us, the PHP developers. That's because PHP will become more and more popular among dapp / blockchain developers which will translate in more opportunities as a PHP developer.

As a good news is that there are already third-party PHP packages and SDK's for various blockchains and more are to come. For instance, Nuno Maduro, a Laravel core team member, creator of Pest PHP and many more PHP & Laravel great packages and resources, is working on a PHP Api client that let's you interact with a generic Ethereum RPC.

While this is still work in progress, It will be a huge step forward for the PHP community so we can start using PHP to develop dapps in no time.

I think this is the perfect time to start digging and understanding what is web3 about and jump on this decentralised train so we can be there when opportunities arise.

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Marian Pop

PHP / Laravel Developer. Writing and maintaining @LaravelMagazine. Host of "The Laravel Magazine Podcast". Pronouns: vi/vim.

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